The Healing Space

Throughout time and space, humans have endeavored to search for the divine, central consciousness, higher orders of laws and true justice. Where do we find truth? And more importantly in terms of healing pain, healing trauma and healing ill thoughts, where do we find ourselves?  Ancient philosophies and historical facts support the human search to deeper meaning in life. What is at the center of the motivation in this search?  Or rather, what is at the crux of the human experience?  The search, the journey, that I took 15 years ago (and humbly I am still walking) within to find understanding in the thrust of chronic illness lead me to the understanding of how the essence of  ‘divine’ and ‘holy’ operate in my healing. I will forever love this journey to this place into my heart, my authentic self.  The lessons I am learning daily as I venture on in this life as a survivor are so fulfilling…I’d like to share this experience as a way to bring hope to others.

                             “One little miracle a day is all I need.” – Frank Sinatra