Press Release

It was a crisp December morning when we got the email from Richard Bliss Brooke letting us know he had his eye on us at a recent leadership conference where we had the privilege to be interviewed.  He wanted to know if we would do a Network Marketing Hero Interview with him in January. Without a moment’s hesitation, the answer was yes.

The interview started, the first question felt like a dragnet pulling in the last 18 years of work. In so many words Richard asked, ‘what we did to get to this level?’ Knowing this was a loaded question but also so simple; it was a decision. We knew the decision took 15 years to make so when we answered the question it wasn’t going to be a simple answer. “It was a decision Richard, a decision after 15 years of processing through our pasts while refining our lives together, we finally made the decision to allow ourselves to lead in a spirit of love.”

The winter morning sky held the California Redwoods, we looked out the window and opened up the door to let our baby golden retriever come sit inside near the fire.

Two white mugs of fresh coffee, new pads of lined paper and two black ball point pens ready to go in case one of us was talking the other could write down notes instead of interrupting. The carefully prepared items lay side by side on our rustic work table.

“All the spiritual work we’d done over the past 15 years, all the self-help, metaphysical research, thought re-patterning, therapies, nutrition, growing businesses and service to others amounted to a good thriving life and we were happily achieving. The catalyst that took us to the next level was when we finally released the fear of not succeeding in network marketing because the pain of not trying at all outweighed the pain of possibly failing. We couldn’t release the fear until we decided. Everything we’d done as a couple before really committing to network marketing succeeded but this was different, network marketing was different because there isn’t an out of bounds, no limit to the freedom. That scared us, we were used to playing in an arena with a monetary and hourly cap. The endless possibilities presented to us with network marketing as far as money and really having creative freedom to help others realize their dreams was like a mirror to our self esteem. The inner dialogue wasn’t ‘are we talented enough?’ it was ‘are we good enough?’….so this is why it took so long to finally take that leap because the decision happened after we’d done the work within. The work within our minds and hearts to purify and strengthen ourselves is the foundation on which we stand today. When the foundation was complete then we could decide to build and the fear was gone.”