About Us

You know those times in your life when the world is pressing so hard on your heart that you’re in a place of unknown and it feels like you’re in a void? Then, suddenly in a moment of clarity, a spark within ignites, you see the answer and you know exactly what to do? That’s us, Larry and Jordan. We met when our worlds were in complete upheaval on all planes of life, but then suddenly we met and everything made sense; best friends at heart like we’d always known each other. Just weeks after we committed to a spiritual path by way of a prayer in earnest on our own (before our paths crossed), each of us essentially praying for a second chance at our dreams, we met by “accident”.  It was as though the heavens shot out meteors from opposite ends of the planet, then they collide and there we were flying in love……except like all couples we’ve hit massive obstacles and we’ve had highs and lows.  In the last 15 years together we believe it’s because of our commitment to our individual spiritual journeys and the journey as a family of 4 that we’ve grown to be better versions of ourselves.  Most recently, we’ve been privileged to greet a new challenge; to face our fears among peers, to dig deeper than we’ve ever gone, to expel false limiting beliefs and supplant new ones while listening to our souls’ desires. This is about us…..this is about our journey to reach our potential together and as parents to our twins, Jacob and Samantha.