Week #23 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

“All you need is love.” – The Beatles

I’ve heard this so so many times, never quite got it until now that a major piece of the message “All you need is love” is also that of self-love and appreciation. No I’m not talking about the ‘look at me’ love, I’m talking about the ‘sweet surrender, you’re safe, you’re good’ love. In the process of humbly removing the bare undertones of who we are not and accepting who we really are, we must have an adhesive for the future self to be received within the present. The adhesive is love. Before I sat down to write this blog I opened a packet of calming lavender tea, the label had a message on the tea tag, it read “People who love are happy.” Of course that’s the message. I was literally singing “All you need is love” out loud BEFORE I opened the tea and saw the message. Coincidence? Sure maybe, that depends on which side of the quantum field a person operates on I suppose.

As contrary to love as this topic is, I want to write about the topic of self-sabotage.  A component of successful inner transformation is accepting the future self.  For some maybe that’s not so easy because we’re scared or maybe it’s because the old self has some unhealthy patterns that repel the moment of receiving and accepting.  The new comfort zone of self appreciation and love took some time to wiggle into, yet here I am consciously sending and receiving love.  Is that not part of our purpose as spiritual beings on this planet?  I believe as I affirm that I am heart, soul and body of love, I will continue to grow in love and I will become happier and happier as I express that love to others, even when it hurts, even when it’s rejected.

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I didn’t realize until this week how extraordinary the cycle of self-sabotage can be, until I broke through to the other side of it. Humility and courage helped me become aware of that old limitation (the self sabotage doesn’t fit in the future self of love), and then I had that ah-ha moment. The moment of clarity came through my mastermind.  I suddenly got the courage to verbally admit that I had the struggle of self-sabotage (I suppose I wasn’t afraid of it anymore so I had to courage to say it) to my mastermind partner and then the verbal affirmation that I would overcome followed effortlessly seconds after. Within 3 hours I was ‘coincidentally’ talking to someone on the phone about their struggle to receive success and as I helped that person through, I too was being helped.  By the grace of this perfect universe, just minutes after I was struck with the clear message from within saying: ‘love yourself, really send the message to your entire being, your heart, solar plexus….’ and as I write this I realize we humans, the ‘I’ in all of us, must also consciously love our other self. The other self can hypothetically be the subconscious self that works day and night to deliver in harmony with the quantum field or it can be the ‘I’ that we believe we are.

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Confidence is about trust, trusting in our entire self to blaze a trail, to do what is true to the heart instead of what societal ‘norms’ dictate. Confidence in a Grand Creator is key, for me, before I was truly loving myself, I first loved God. God first loved us, so we love. We are made in God’s image, God being love, we then reflect love, we too are love. And that is the truth.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

“The second (commandment) is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matt. 22:39

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  1. Marcel Mark Bolzern says:

    Superb work, I’m reblogging this


  2. marcam22 says:

    Superb blog. I resonate so much. Thank you!

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  3. hereinspired says:

    I loved this: “we must have an adhesive for the future self to be received within the present. The adhesive is love.”… and that the tunnel is the illusion! No, I loved the ENTIRE post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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