Week #22 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

We are born, we cry, we are soothed. In the moment we’re born we’re marked with a date and a time of arrival into the world of human terms, aka the ‘world without’.  Is there a point when we really just begin in the ‘world without’? Is there a line or is it a blurred halocline connecting the world of spirit with the world of form? It’s true we can sometimes see ourselves in others, yet the most important version of ourselves is in who we believe we are within and even then there’s not a hard line.  Truth is an ever transforming process of fractals iterating the frequency of the heart; better to bend toward love as best we can, rather than search for ourselves in the image driven trends of humankind.

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Which version of ourselves are we giving more merit to unconsciously? The person of the heart or the person of form?  It’s the self reflection into our own stream of thought, the impulse of our heart that then gives birth to the thought cast onto the world without.  Our thoughts create a reality, a fortress, and these thoughts can come from the heart. The heart is where love is born, where the intention and the beliefs about ourselves pulse. See, if we look to societal trends for belief or self valuation we are comparing ourselves to the world of form where there isn’t divine vitality.

From the beginning of the MKE process both myself and Larry knew the tools we were learning were critical, what we came to learn is that our thoughts and words are the tools and the heart and Divine Creator gives them the oscillating power. If we have self-doubt unconsciously (masked by ego), wouldn’t it be true that our thoughts and our words that erupt would match that mirror? To change, to transform for certain involves a change in the heart, the source of our beliefs.  If we need to forgive and let resentments rest, energy emerges from the billowing smoke of the self-illusion evaporating. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, this metamorphosis isn’t exactly comfortable. What’s on the other side of the curtain, or rather, the mirror of fear we think we see? Love. Truth. Self-acceptance is the godmother of believing in oneself. I think the hardest part of admitting to myself I was lying to myself is facing the terror that I could have deceived my own true self. I am valuable, I am worthy and I am real. The power of love is in the protection it forms over the soul. See, even if we lie to our true self, God always knows the truth, humbly I bow to the above, the sacred everlasting domain guiding the dancing soul searching for truth. I see you self deception…the truth is, is I am loved.

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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

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  1. What a fine fine thesis! Every word a star.

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  2. katshroyer says:

    I love how you said that love forms the protection over the soul. That is awesome! Great blog. 😀

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  3. hereinspired says:

    “the dancing soul searching for truth” – this entire post was absolutely beautiful, as usual! Thank you for the inspiration of your words!

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  4. Marcel Mark Bolzern says:

    Great insight, thank you


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