Week #18 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

The heart. Our central point of all that is meaningful and desired. The place we can run to or away from, the place we reveal or mask…our true self. When we were children in our bliss we cared not for opinions of others, we easily knew how to just BE. At what point did that change for you? When did you begin to care how others saw you? As a parent of two 3 year olds, I can assure you my intention is to help them hold tightly to that place where their entire life pivots strongly from their heart that is so tenderly connected to their spirit.

As we grow older we learn that not everyone accepts us just as we are so we might change. Intentions are good of course, but we lack the awareness of how severe that shift can be from who we are to who we are not. I think of technology today, media, marketing and the fast paced world in motion…and while I fear the repercussions of handing over identity to anything unauthentic I know there’s an incredible opportunity in contrast. When we know what we aren’t for sure, we can find what we ARE. When you know who you ARE, you just know.

Image result for blue whale breach sunset

When the layers of the onion are peeled from our energy bodies, we become lighter and in the less-than we are more. The more simple we are the more focused we are. The more we know who we are the more we welcome more of what is us into our lives. In that process of revealing our true self old habits disintegrate, new patterns emerge and our surroundings change too. In so many ways the path to the true self is bewildering because the old scatters and we wonder why, until we know why. The same is true of a boat on a course to a destination, the wake the boat leaves in the past is the energy from the forward momentum. To those beautiful wakes I pay tribute and love, thank you.

Image result for boat wake sunrise

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  1. Marcel says:

    Nicely written!


  2. “When we know what we aren’t for sure, we can find what we ARE.” This is so true as we peel back the layers. Your insights are inspiring. Great blog!


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