Week #15 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

When the fear of remaining the same becomes greater than the fear of change, everything changes.  Let’s face it, literally, as we face ourselves and look in the mirror and see ourselves changing there is an emotional charge of sadness, fear, excitement and wonder.  We gracefully say hello to the new whilst mourning the loss of the old.  This seems like a conundrum. Why the tears if what we’re leaving behind no longer serves our evolving purpose? Why the trembling if what we’re walking towards is beautiful?  Even though we know the new is good, the old was good too. The struggle to release is in both acceptance and attachment. But we’re not really letting go of self, just the mechanism that attached us to an idea of who we are. Just as a paperclip attaches 2 pieces of paper together, we’re not throwing the paper into the furnace, we’re simply letting go of the paper clip; a mechanism that prevented us from turning the page to read the entire book. Let go of the illusion of limitation and accept there is more to our soul we’ve yet to meet.

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In order let go, or rather to set aside the conflict, the war within, to receive the new self in love we cannot be of the same mind.  We grow in mind and then receive the new in our expanded heart. Just as a mother’s belly grows and grows to receive the emerging child. Today I did something that I hadn’t done quite like it, I picked up the phone and started calling complete strangers. Now I’d done this before when building another business and for some reason this was different. This time I found myself looking for a ready heart in a state of love rather than from a state of fear of rejection. I care not for the rejection nearly as much as I care to reach out and reach for another soul looking for something to anchor into; hope. The fear of not sharing hope is greater than the fear of rejection, win!

To change, to transform we need a sacred space.  The butterfly resides in a cocoon, the mammal resides in a womb, the apple seed resides in the fruit and transforming consciousness resides in a cave of gems. The common denominator is darkness. We must go into the dark to emerge into the light. If we desire to be made greater, newer, different or better we courageously journey into the fear and that’s where the spark ignites. This spark of clarity is a welcomed child.

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  1. marcam22 says:

    Its so evident how you have as you put it – let go of the illusion of limitation. You wrote and express so well. Brilliant post once again!


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