Week #11 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

Do you enjoy the thoughts swirling in your mind? Do they bring you hope, wonder, confidence, transcendence, comfort and love? Have you a bubbling of fear that rises at night? What do you use to transform that fear? Do those unwelcome thoughts have a means to release with love? Do the favorable welcomed thoughts know they are desired to be received again and again?

We all go through the valley of the night in some way; illness, heartbreak, despair and the darkness of the void of change. We all have been at that place where we have to overcome and Be-come something new.  If we are a baby we must learn to walk and then become a toddler. The baby’s first step is taken before knowing the sensation of walking.  If we are a student, we must learn fly to become a master.  How? Thoughts.  One way to visit those heavy thoughts and lift them to the lighter realms of becoming in flight is the skill of inductive reasoning. The process of reasoning through the dark builds a bridge out of the dark. We cannot do this alone, we need a mastermind.


Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a loop, feeling as though you keep running into the same situations over and over just a different day with a new person? Do we one day just stop transforming because we’ve hit our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s etc.? No, our spirit knows not our age but our flesh may be conditioned irrationally to attach to the age of our flesh in time and space.  Growth never stops. How do we leap to the next level? We mastermind, we work towards an intention-ed goal and reason our way in the faith of knowing the next prism of thought already caught us. To affirm ‘I am healed’ and as you speak from that frequency, you are in that vantage point of discovering  life as a healed person without attachment to the observation of the others.   It is the discovering from the next level of knowing we are already flying that the observer mind takes part in conversations within the mastermind in flight. It is in flight that he/she becomes aware that he/she is enjoying the view.  The enjoyment creates more of what is enjoyed and we keep flying because the joy is the movement of our wings propelled by our heart.

Ascension is humility.  The more we humble ourselves, admitting to ourselves there’s something that needs to be replaced, tuned, adjusted and overcome that a conversation can ensue from that place of transcendent inner knowing; ” I AM on the Other Side” of fear.

If the car doesn’t drive fast enough, we pop the hood. Similarly, if our thoughts lend to stagnation we pop the hood of our minds and ask for help in an essence of discovery as we disconnected from the victim dramatized mentality.  We triumphantly verbally affirm we ARE, we mastermind, talk about our thoughts from the stand point of the successful observer.

Interrupt the old, shatter the cement, thank your mask for the fermentation it encased  and welcome the moment.

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  1. marcam22 says:

    What a brilliant blog! Thank you for your wisdom! Blessings to you!

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