Week #9 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

Is this working? What are we missing? Are we doing everything perfect? No, not perfect, but perfectly in line with the law of growth? Yes. Nine weeks in, only 9 weeks? This process is incredibly harmonious, much like a piano’s role in an opera. An opera? A piano? What does that have to do with unveiling what we innocently covered with concrete as a child and adolescent?  Not all of the piano keys play a brilliant positive vibration by themselves, but when in combination with the musician’s intention to move walls within, all keys are upwards steps. We are the musician on the bench of our soul playing the piano keys to the tune of our hearts’ desires.  Must we really play the song others told us to play or dare we play what is authentically ours? Don’t answer that. There is always time.

Instead, this week we are awake. We ARE the musician playing the keys on the strings of the world ‘without’. As our newly opened minds receive the desires of our hearts and cast them on the collective by way of thought and words, the ocean of infinite possibilities plays the corresponding sound.  The results? We see that which we’ve been imagining emerge in space and time. We’re all born under the same sun. While it’s true that some of us have been asleep to our potential longer than others, this wall can be breached regardless of time.  By our dedication to the process and with lots of practice we overcome dormancy and twilight brings forth consciousness. As we rise to the truth, the truth that we all can play the same key notes found within the universal laws, the truth of what we intend to be is at the forefront of the musician’s mind. Do we play in fear or do we play in love? We get to choose which side we see ourselves and receive in accordance there within. We have the freedom to wake if we desire to be awoken.

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  1. Vykkie D says:

    As a singer who did chamber choir in college, your analogy is gorgeous. I am sure your song will be full of beautiful harmonies! Keep digging my friend.

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  2. marcam22 says:

    Well written and thought provoking. Thank you!

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  3. joeyoga7 says:

    Good blog, never thought of it as music

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