Week #8 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

We are our thoughts, we are our desired effect and we are our dreams. This week has brought the gift of awareness, conscious awareness. The awareness of this: it’s that moment in time when we realize that no matter what happens, we have a choice in how we respond. We have total freedom in our minds. That is to say, once we become conscious of this truth, freedom follows and we soar.  It’s not until we are conscious that we have a choice in what we think that freedom follows…that is a leap in the right direction. The leap from not knowing our thoughts run the show to knowing that we design our thoughts, our responses, our choices and the trajectory of our life design.  If we do not insert our thoughts into situations and into our subconscious, our subconscious will keep playing the old negatives over and over. We must pull the old tapes out and insert the new. If we are a sound system playing the same song year after year expecting a different song and different results we will be disappointed. We have the power to record the song we want and play it out, but there is a system we have to adhere to if we want our sound system playing the correct song consistently. This takes time, effort, education, patience and love. A wish is a wish until it becomes a dream…..the wish transforms into an unfolding dream when we become conscious that the key is in our thoughts, our minds and our god given gift to tell ourselves who we are and where we are going. No amount of old memories have a hold on us like the ‘here and now’, there is always hope in the ‘here and now’. The ‘here and now’ is where the power lies. We send the reflection of who we are into the mirror of our subconscious and our subconscious plays the song.

Image result for eagle flying water reflection

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