Week #6 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

“That a man can change himself, improve himself, re-create himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action.” – Christian Larson

The heart, when in prison condemns, when free it will fly. Our mind attaches to the heart, and the heart attaches to the mind. The dance between the mind and heart can be a harmonious symphony or for some, the mind can dam the waters of the thought produced out of the heart.  Many have built that dam to protect ourselves, our hearts from pain. But at some point the dam breaks and the angels cry out in joy; the heart is free to dream and trust in the manifestation of a new dream. The Universe was always there, waiting. These past 6 weeks we’ve inundated our minds with new thoughts to interrupt old thoughts. At first the exercises didn’t ‘appear’ to produce benefit, the only perceived result was kick-back; a withdrawal of old habits. Focusing on the exercises and the new going in, the old thought habits fought to exist like a biological cell in desperate need for sugar.  In the beginning we consciously sent thoughts (aka causes) to our subconscious that created a condition (aka effect). Cause and effect combined with the intention for a better self image created an environment for transformation of new be-ing. As the subconscious actively seeks to work with the thoughts received, the dam breaches and the once limited heart can now successfully send the message in a bottle to the ocean of the collective universal. The new thoughts (cause) we sent over and over, broke that dam (the effect). The mind must open to set the new desired self image free; a liberated heart. The Master Key Experience is the counselor to the new self, assuring us that if we concentrate, practice, write, read and we go this way and that way we will open.  The mind has been transformed to receive our hearts and allow our dreams passage out to the ocean of the collective. In other words, we believe in ourselves, our new self image we hold in our heart is believed by the mind. The stranger of our future self becomes our trusted friend.

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  1. The dance between the heart and mind is a beautiful thing! Enjoyed your week 6 blog.

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  2. hereinspired says:

    I like the analogy of the old thoughts fighting to exist like cells craving sugar… that’s some powerful fighting! Yaay that the heart breaks free to send the message in the bottle to the Universe! Great writing!

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