Week #5 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

The week of the nonjudgmental observer….it’s as though there is the ‘observer’ in our individual minds and then the observer of the ‘us’. Larry and myself are on this journey separately, together and as a family. We are privy to data that’s being released from Davey Jones’ Locker in our minds and even that surfacing data we cannot project opinions, we simply wave goodbye and welcome exponential growth. This data purge may have otherwise not happened had we not been on this intended Masterkey Experience journey.  The release makes room for the path under the water of our subconscious. We may not be Israelites crossing the Red Sea, however, within ourselves we see the path that’s being illuminated.  The parting of the waters within our unconscious also reveals what’s been hiding. The reason for the shadows cast over the light are no longer important and we walk on the other side of the sea. Our children benefit by our calm analyzing demeanor and joyful patterns emerge. Emotions no longer swayed by opinion in certain moments we realize that all that we want is inside. We are becoming calm regularly to see where the building rises; on the other side of fear. Shine baby shine!!!

Image result for red sea parting


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  1. hereinspired says:

    Great post illustration–powerfully illustrates your allusion to the Red Sea parting. Cool!

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