Week #2 of Our 26 Week “Master Key Experience”

Ok Ok so who said it was going to be easy! Larry & Jordan here with an update on week #2 with the Master Key Experience. Repeated reading exercises, sitting in complete silence carrying out concentration exercises, reading empowering words out lout with enthusiasm. What is this all for? To discover the incredible hero that exists within all of us. So far I would have to say our main take away is that we have the ability to re-create our life by changing the way we think, the way we see the world around us and most importantly ourselves. It starts by influencing the subconscious mind and once again creating new habits that will propel you forward into the life you are creating.  One of the biggest changes we’ve seen effortlessly take shape individually and as a couple is how fast we recognize projections onto each other stemming from personal fears. This change is creating a new environment within the relationship that allows us to be our ‘observer self’ which expels emotions that don’t work for our vision.  This supplies energy to remain in creative flow on our own and together which keeps us in the air making progress towards our destination. Looking forward to week #3…!!

Image result for vintage airplane gif


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  1. www.EZ4712.com says:

    Awesome visual peddling! I see you already taking flight and it is a wonderful view!!

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