Stay at home entrepreneurs and parents started a 26 week personal development journey on: 09/23/18 – Week #1 Report

Hi this is Larry and Jordan! We are really excited to be here working on our family’s first blog post together! Truth be told, Jordan and I met when we were both embarking on a spiritual path 15 years ago. When we met we were individually in the crux of massive change, and coincidentally, we’re also Personal Growth Junkies! So today, because of a 26 week personal development journey we just started together called: The Master Key Experience, we quickly learned on Week 1 that creating a blog was part of a new chapter to the Personal Growth Junkie Movement LOL:) This just seems natural. Being that Jordan and I love helping others and sharing encouragement, this is really an enjoyable process that we realized (just today) was supposed to happen and can’t wait to share lessons along the way. Now that we are here and beginning to do this 26 week experience with a group of people from across the globe, we are inspired to create a new vision for our family and support others we meet along the way! We’re learning how the power of focused thoughts and the information we read supplants into our subconscious. In others words, some people say ‘you are what you eat’, we say: ‘You are what you read and say to yourself!’ No doubt there will be twists and turns on this road but based on what we’ve learned so far, a persons’ mindset and commitment can be catalysts to transcend obstacles.  We humbly have merged onto the highway of The Master Key Experience in a spirit of truth and dedication….the journey begins!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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    Begins indeed! Deep blessing to share this journey. Meeting your family feels like I’ve already received my reward!!

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    1. We sincerely appreciate the comment. Thank you! 🙂


  2. This is so cool! Looking forward to reading along with you guys.

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